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Look what else we've got ……… a Plockmatic, silly name, wicked machine!

Look what else we’ve got ……… a Plockmatic, silly name, wicked machine!
This compact, dynamic on-line and off-line booklet making system connects to the brand new Ricoh Pro C5110s Production Machine.
The TR5010e Trimmer Unit and eliminate the “shingle” effect that happens with thicker booklets and creates a professionally trimmed booklet.
The CF5010e Cover Feeder makes it possible …

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The Ricoh Pro C5110s, who's got one ……… we do!

In this economic climate, you need innovative technology that helps you reduce operation costs and boost performance even more than ever. Ricoh’s ProTM C5100S series light production printer helps you do just that.
High image quality and broad paper handling lets you extend your existing offering, or promote in-house printing, to increase both revenue and profits.
This …

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