Look what else we've got ……… a Plockmatic, silly name, wicked machine!

plockmatic_offline-online_booklet-makerLook what else we’ve got ……… a Plockmatic, silly name, wicked machine!

This compact, dynamic on-line and off-line booklet making system connects to the brand new Ricoh Pro C5110s Production Machine.

The TR5010e Trimmer Unit and eliminate the “shingle” effect that happens with thicker booklets and creates a professionally trimmed booklet.

The CF5010e Cover Feeder makes it possible to add pre-printed colour covers up to an amazing 300 gsm index.

The BF5010e Book Fold Unit completes the booklets by giving them a unique square folded edge, the same professional flat finish as bound books – with a printable spine that gives the appearance of high quality magazine.

Check out more at : www.plockmatic.com or visit us in-store to see this little beauty in action.