Galaxy Sign

The Glowinfo Display Board

In 1998 the directors of Business Applications Limited and Blueprint Imaging wanted to make a point of difference in advertising in the district and instigated a media first for the region.  They invested in a totally new advertising media for the Gisborne District with a 4 metre wide electronic information display board being installed on the roof of the Business Applications Limited building here in Grey Street.

The original, ( mono only ), advertising display board was installed very early one Saturday morning and instantly became a traffic stopping hit in the district.  This sign, ( which became known locally as GlowInfo ), used a staggering 4,200 5 watt wedged based lamps, very much like the park light bulbs in your car and ran a fully air-conditioned and pressurised, sealed housing, containing 10 full-blown high spec computers and a dedicated fibre-optic link to the 11th computer down in our offices to control it all.

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