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Martin Lowe is the Managing Director of Business Applications Limited and the original founder of the company back in 1980.

He also founded Blueprint Imaging, the longest standing Copy Center in Gisborne.

Martin has been it the office equipment industry since 1965 and with over 40 years in the office equipment industry he has covered a vast product range since that time.   Specialising in providing copying, point of sale and other equipment to local and national clients.

He has been responsible for installing many firsts into Gisborne and the local district, like the first Computer, Electronic Cash Register, Facsimile machine, Cellular Phone and even one of the first Photocopiers.

” In the early days I knew most of this technology from top to bottom, not only in the sales of such equipment but in the service side as well.   Today this has become so specialised and advanced we now employ sales consultants for each and every product enabling the company to give the best information to all of its clients. ”

Martin comes from a service back ground; firmly believing a client who supports a locally owned and operated business and especially one who offers after sales technical support, such as ours, will achieve a better total ownership cost and investment than one who strikes a deal with a multi chain city based store. ”

” Remember the fact that the people who work with and for us are local people who live in and take pride in this beautiful city and take a real personal interest in your business and your decision making and certainly aren’t ” flyby nighters ” out for a quick buck. ”