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Born and raised in good old sunny Gisborne, Paul attended Gisbornes own Riverdale Primary School, Gisborne Intermediate and Lytton High School before moving in to the electronics and technology fields.

Paul has almost 20 years in the office equipment field after starting with Business Applications Limited as a Technician, then moving to Service Manager and finally to one of the Company Directors.

Paul also runs a Health and Beauty Clinic called Studio Me, recently got his Food Safety Certificate and is currently training to be a Justice Of The Peace as well as volunteering at the local CAB.

Paul is also a supporter of the local division of the SPCA.

” I started as an apprentice service technician in 1986 and within 2 1/2 years was managing the service department.   I found my forte in electronics and specialised mechanics.   It’s always easy to remember something when you’re interested. ”

” I travelled to Japan for training courses and consider myself privileged to be one of only two other people from New Zealand chosen for each course.   The first time I have been to Japan and I was only told three weeks before I went that we where going.   However, it was a great experience despite the language difficulties communicating with Japanese trainers who spoke very little English. ”

” As an ex-service manager, I am the person customers communicate with when they have ongoing issues with their machines.   It is my task to assign the right specialised technician to the job.   Growing company success is my goal. ”

” I enjoy my managerial position in this busy company taking up to 50 or so telephone calls each day from customers who want their machines serviced.
During the twenty years I have been in the industry there has been widespread changes.   Technology is advancing so rapidly and there are always new and exciting products ( and toys ) released on the market every month which keeps the job really interesting. ”

” It’s great to be informed by Japan in advance on going development and new technologies. ”

” I am very interested in connectivity between equipment.   It’s the way of the future. ”

” I was born and bred in Gisborne and grew up pulling radios and everything else apart.   I have always had this interest.   I got my first computer 26 years ago when I was still at school.   It was unusual to have one and they were very expensive then. ”

” After hours my interests include jet skiing and music.   I have an impressive set-up of sound equipment at home and in my car and enjoys listening to all sorts of music including jazz. ”